Thursday, February 5, 2015


I really need to write how much I appreciate and love my children.  I know everyone takes their own journey with their children, and I thought I was on an uphill both ways path.  Jess always said to me, "Just wait Kristy!"  "Wait until they hit puberty and then you will really be in for it!"  I hated it when he said that.  Well, Reanne will be turning 12 in 5 days and I have to say, I have never loved being around her more.

Reanne is turning into a little adult.  She is a sarcastic, but funny and more patient and sweet every day little adult.  At least twice a week she attributes any and all of her good qualities to a mother who has raised her well.  The first time I was speechless.  I had no idea what to say and ended up with "You are buttering me up for something aren't you?"  She sounded shocked that I didn't believe her and so I think has kept it up just in case.  She is trying so hard to be responsible by remembering her homework after school and is the only one who actually makes her bed every morning before school.

Sierra is the cutest, most emotional girl I have ever met.  She has such a tender heart she cries over everything.  If she wasn't so loving and kind to everyone and if she didn't prance around the house and always have a smile for everyone, I would get frustrated with the crying, but it just makes me giggle.  I think she tells me every day that I am the best mom in the whole world.  I always say, "You would love any mom the same because your heart is so big."  Nope.  She assures me I'm the only one.

Grant has my heart around his little finger and always has.  His big grin and his laugh and his adorable facial expressions get me every time.  That guy is only grumpy when he is hungry or tired (and that is getting less and less these days.)  What would my life be like without that little guy?  I know Grant loves me every time he slaps me in the butt on his way past me and when I am pulling out of the garage  and I see him running up to the car for a hug before I leave.  Both of these incidents happen often.

I just love my kids and am feeling so blessed by this stage of their lives.  I don't know how long it will last, so I am enjoying it.  Ironically I will share a quick story.

I finished a book in which the woman's husband dies.  I asked Jess, while the kids were in the room, how long it would take him to get remarried if I died.  He told me it would take him a while and that the kids would have to give their approval of the new wife.  I looked at the kids and said, "That's cool guys.  Dad will let you pick out your new mom if I died."  Reanne said, "Oh that's cool.  I know who I would pick!"  Sierra said, "I know who I would pick!  She would be the perfect mom!"  They named off a few women.  Then I asked who they would pick for a dad if dad died.  "Mom!  There isn't anyone else who could be our dad!"  Sierra said.  Reanne added, "Dad cannot be replaced."  Well, there you really have it folks.  I'm still grateful though.