Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July

This has been an especially meaningful 4th of July for obvious reasons. I thought the girls deserved a special day so instead of being in the house most of the day like usual, we actually spent the day enjoying friends and some of the local events.

We went to the Freedom Parade in the morning which the girls loved. It was especially fun to watch how excited they got when the soldiers in tanks came by. "Mom!" Reanne said. "Those are dad's friends!" After the parade we accompanied friends from the ward to their family barbecue. I thought it was so nice of them to invite us and the girls had fun playing outside even though it was very hot for all of us. After dinner we walked down the street to I'm sure the biggest firework show outside of a paid event. One of our neighbors put on a show that lasted over an hour with nonstop fireworks. With a background of colors and sparks, our neighbor twirled and threw lit firecracker sticks. It was very impressive.

Reanne and Sierra just had an all around great day. I have always had fond memories of this holiday and I want them to as well. My appreciation for the 4th of July holiday has grown as it has taken on more meaning for me. I love America. I love the principles on which it was founded and for what we have done as a nation for others. This year I especially have an appreciation for those who have made this country what it is: all those, past and present, who have given of themselves to maintain the freedoms and liberty that we all enjoy. I thought of my wonderful husband all day. Even though I wished he could share the day with us, I knew he was where he should be and was proud that he is part of what we were celebrating.


Lynette Mills said...

nice to read your 4th experience Kristy. Sounds like the girls will remember thier fun day. I especially loved the "dad's friends" comment. Very sweet. Wish we could have been with you.

Misty McQuivey said...

I know it's late, but Happy 4th! Sounds like you had a fun memorable day. It was fun to read about.

mommy24 said...

So good to hear from you and see your girls. They are just adorable and your youngest looks just like you!