Friday, July 11, 2008

Veteran's Dinner

I apologize for another patriotic blog entry, but I had to write about our experience tonight. Reanne, Sierra and I went to a dinner hosted by our stake for veterans and their families. Actually, there was only one other child present at the dinner besides mine which frustrated the girls and made it less pleasant for me...but I had determined to go before hand because of the effort the stake put into honoring those who have served in the military. The cultural hall of the stake center was filled with mostly elderly gentlemen and their wives who served during the WW11 and Korean wars. Of course there were a few younger guys too, but the older men were so cute wearing their uniforms, looking so proud, and telling all their war stories.

I was torn with leaving right after dinner and staying for the presentation afterward because I knew I would be in and out with the girls, but I decided to stay. The stake president began the night with the story about Washington at Valley Forge and how the picture reminds him of every person who has sacrificed for the country. He went on to let everyone know that the reason he decided to have this dinner was because of a certain person who was uncontrollably crying as he was trying his best to give a lesson on marriage to a certain ward. Yes, he even mentioned my name. I was glad at the time that he learned that it was because I was missing Jess while he was away and not because we had a broken marriage...but at the dinner I was cursing the fact that I had been in the front row of class so that he could see my breakdown. Really, it was touching that a whole event was planned because of me missing my husband.

The rest of the evening was great. A brother Knotts read a poem that he wrote called "Where are you now?" which I guess has been officially adopted by the navy. While Reanne and I were in the bathroom, they showed "American Soldier," a clip about the National Guard, which I am glad I only caught the end of because I'm sure I would have been in tears again. All the military theme songs were played and the men got to stand and sing as they heard theirs. To end they had the few of us who had family overseas right now stand and they gave us the flag pin shown in the picture. At the end, I wasn't quite sure how to feel. I was honored to be among all of the veterans there and I didn't quite feel like I belonged. At the same time, I know very well how much the families of the military also sacrifice and so in the end I just felt grateful to be a part of the evening.


Tigerlily said...

I'm glad that they did that for you. I know how proud you are of your husband. He is doing a great thing for our country. I'm sure he thinks about you and his girls every minute of everyday. What a neat thing for the stake to do in honor of you and your sacrifice.

Misty McQuivey said...

I just want to say ditto to everything that "tigerlily" said. What a special night, even if you felt like you were chasing kids most the time.