Monday, November 24, 2008

Our Thanksgiving Tree

Since the first of November the girls have added leaves to their Thanksgiving tree. Each leaf has written on it something that the girls believe to be a blessing in their lives. It was good practice for them to think about things they were grateful for and fun for me to know what makes my little girls happy. These are some of the blessings they listed.
Grandma, Grandpa, cousins, aunts and uncles, mom, dad, Reanne, Sierra, and "The Grantinator."
Our house, a TV, our fish, toys, books, and games.
Jesus, Heavenly Father, the prophet, and teachers.
Halloween, Birthdays, cake, and root beer.
Sleeping a long time, coloring, writing, and not being sick.
Rainbows, smiles, and walking Lola (our neigbor's dog.)
Fall, light, a movie with popcorn, and making cards.
Friends, presents from dad, health, smelling and tasting.
We hope all our friends and family have a wonderful Thanksgiving. It is nice to have a holiday where we remember all the blessings that we have, for we truly do have a lot to be grateful for.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Another update for Grant

I apologize for being so long with letting everyone know about Grant. The reason is that his first appointment with the surgeon was cancelled due to insurance issues. To set every one's mind at ease...we do have insurance for him, it's just not the good insurance that the rest of the family is on. For some reason I thought that after enrolling him in the military system he would automatically be put on the plan that the rest of the family is on. I was mistaken and actually should have gone through the process of filling out the necessary paperwork to put him on our plan which I didn't do until a few days ago. He will be on the correct insurance December 1st but all the hospital work has been under the other policy.

So I saw a surgeon at Primary Children's Hospital today and we have scheduled his surgery for the 26th of this month. That will be perfect timing with my parents coming up for Thanksgiving. They will be able to help watch the girls and be with me at the surgery. I will most likely find out the results of the biopsy within a week of the surgery. I will definitely post results on the blog as soon as I know. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers. They have been so appreciated!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

To Be 3 Again

Days like today make me wonder what it was like for my mom when I was young. Here is what the day was like for Sierra and myself.

Sierra woke up at 8:00 knowing it was her birthday and sang herself the birthday song a few different times. I woke up at 7:00 from a telephone call after being up every hour of the night with Grant and tried to sound happy on the phone.

Sierra couldn't stop counting her presents on the table. After being told on the phone that Grant doesn't have the right insurance I got our hospital bill in the mail. I couldn't stop counting up the bill which was over four thousand dollars.

Sierra told me how she wanted her cake: chocolate with butterflies and flowers on it. I had trouble finding time to make and frost it when Grant was fussy all day.

Sierra got ready to open her presents and eat her cake. I got ready to clean up throw-up from Reanne who has been on the couch crying telling me how bad she feels. (Luckily she only missed the toilet once out of three times.)

Sierra had a wonderful, exciting, special day and was truly happy. Although my day was far from wonderful or exciting, I was glad to see Sierra's sweet smile and know that she had a good birthday.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Having Fun With Grandma's Stamps

I am giving these cards I made to my grandma for Christmas. I don't think my grandma checks my blog. If she does the surprise is ruined, but I'll say thanks for giving me some really cute stamps.

Friday, November 7, 2008


Jess has been stressing food storage to me but for obvious reasons I haven't done a lot with it this year. I am however happy (and proud) to say that I have added to ours in the last few days. I bought a bushel of apples at a local orchard stand and made 12 quarts of applesauce and 5 pints of apple butter with it. This being my first canning experience, I was also pleased to find out that you get apple juice along with your applesauce. It made a good 3 pitchers full. The bags are filled with pumpkin which I got from cooking our 2 Halloween pumpkins that the girls drew on. The 2 pumpkins yielded 12 cans worth of puree. Of course food is always better tasting when made yourself, but I wondered how economical it was. So here is the breakdown.
1 bushel of apples = 23 dollars
2 pumpkins = 6 dollars
applesauce jar - 2.69 X 12 = 32.28
apple juice concentrate - 1.49 X 3 = 4.47
apple butter - 3.89 X 5 = 19.45
= 56.20
can of pumpkin - 1.49 X 12 = 17.88
It's good to know that canning and preserving food is not only better tasting but better on your wallet as well.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Update on Grant

It has been a long past few days. Some of you know that Grant has a lump on the back of his neck. First I was told that it was an enlarged lymph node. After two weeks of this lump still growing I took him back to his pediatrician who then referred us to Utah Valley for an ultrasound and blood work. The blood work came back mostly normal with his white blood cells a little low. The ultrasound confused the doctors and we were ordered to get an MRI. Well, after about 4 1/2 hours in the hospital today and another long wait at home I finally got some results back (kind of.)

The doctor told me that the mass was atypical of either malignant or benign cancer. It has a "rim" around the mass and they can't really tell what it is. Although it is atypical of what cancer looks like, they are not ruling it out since it is still growing. So I am next going to be referred to a surgeon at Primary Children's Hospital. He will most likely schedule me to have it removed. Poor Grant. He has been pinned down and stuck many times in the last couple days and I guess he has a few more needles to look forward too.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Boa Constrictors

Reanne was assigned her first school report and she chose to do it on Boa Constrictors. I wanted Jess to see what a good job she did. Her favorite page is the snake's scales that she made out of glitter. She kept telling me, "Mom, reports are so much fun!" My favorite pages are the snake slithering through the grass and the man capturing the snake with a rope. Reanne is a creative drawer.