Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

We are so happy to be spending this Christmas with my family since Jess is away. It really makes things better for me and the kids, although I feel bad about Jess not having as fun of a Christmas this year.

This was the last day that the kids saw our elf. Rintue (Reanne named him) has been living at our house since December 1st, watching the kids every day and then reporting to Santa at night. If they were good he leaves little treats in their shoes which they faithfully leave by their door at nights. This was a tradition in Jess's family and I thought it was so cute. We have done shoe treats every year but this is the first year we have actually had an elf. It has been the highlight of their day to come down stairs and find where he is hiding. Rintue will be leaving with Santa when he comes tonight but I suppose the girls won't miss him too much when they find their stockings filled and the presents Santa left for them.

Reanne and Sierra had fun making a gingerbread tree with mom and grandma in the morning. For all you moms out there, this is the way to go if you are wanting to do any gingerbread decorating. It is much easier then the houses with a lot less candy. A definite win win situation for everyone involved.
In the evening we were able to join my family as they Christmas carolled. This has become quite a tradition with my parents and whoever is in town that year for the holidays. They had a usual line up of songs that we all knew in parts (of course.) Reanne and Sierra didn't know all the songs however so Reanne told us in the car that she wanted us to sing one that she knew. Here are the words...
Dashing through the snow on a broken pair of skis.
O'er the fields we go, crashing into trees.
The ground is turning red, I think I might be dead.
I'm going to the hospital with stitches in my head.
We sang that song at the remaining houses.

I hope the girls enjoy tomorrow and that Christmas is all they wanted it to be. I am happy because Grant has already given me the best Christmas present I could have asked for: he has slept through the night for two nights in a row! Wherever you are, I hope all my friends and family have a wonderful Christmas too.


robin said...

The gingerbread tree is a wonderful idea! If I'd known about that it would have been perfect to do with my students at our Christmas parties. Reanne, I love your song...such fun, colorful lyrics. Learned that in kindergarten, did you? We're so glad you are having a great Christmas with family. BTW: do you remember me telling you, Kristy, that boys are much easier? I'm glad that's proving the case with Grant so far, hope it continues.

jamie hixon said...

I feel bad for deserting after the first house, but it was fun to sing with my family! I'm glad you are around for the holidays.

T-Ray said...

Kristy, it has been so fun to spend so much time with you and the girls for Christmas. It is so fun to see them with their other cousins. I just love my family so much and love spending time with them. :0)

dannyhaley said...

It looks like you are having a wonderful Christmas break. I love the idea of the gingerbread tree! We also had the elf at our house, it worked well to motivate good behavior.

Your kids are so cute, have a Happy New Year.

AllMyKs said...

It sounds like you guys are having a great time Kristy! I am so glad that you made it there and are around family for Christmas. I posted our pictures from the "Festival of Lights" FHE on my blog (, so you'll have to go there and see your selves! You can steal the pictures if you want. I don't have your email address with me to send them to you, but I can when I get home if you would like.

AllMyKs said...

ps-way to go GRANT!!