Sunday, December 21, 2008


Reanne told me that snow is glitter for the mountains. I thought that was a very positive thought after we drove through two hours of blizzard in the very early hours of the morning on Saturday, driving to my parents house in California. Even after we drove through the storm, we still saw this "glitter" on the ground for almost the entire trip. When we were still seeing snow in Barstow (where it hadn't snowed since 1985) I was kind of in shock. If I wasn't driving through it all I would have been thrilled that it was there. I actually have come to really enjoy seeing it around during the winter months. I am now back on the coast however, where I can safely say it will not snow this Christmas. Though the world won't be as glittery, I am happy that I will be a bit warmer.

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T-Ray said...

Amen to that! And good job driving through the snow at the begining of our drive, I know that was not fun, but hey... we got here and the kids were great. Can't ask for more than that. But I am happy to be where it is warmer. :o)