Monday, January 26, 2009

This morning

So I try to keep this blog free of the many hardships I have experienced this year. Lets face it. No one wants to read about them and I try not to dwell on them. I am going to make an exception for this entry.

I am waiting for my pediatrician's office to open to try to get Sierra seen hopefully soon. Starting at about 5:00 last night she began crying and wouldn't tell me what was wrong. This is normal for her and very frustrating. I tried for about 1 1/2 hours to figure out what the matter was and finally gave up and put her to bed. She continued to wake up every couple hours for the whole of the night crying and of course not telling me anything. When I woke up again this morning after probably getting 4 hours of sleep and NOT wanting to make another trip to the doctors I began to cry. I thought to myself, what more could I experience this year? I asked God why the trials wouldn't let up, why I couldn't have just one month of rest from sickness and fatigue. I then looked out my window and saw my cleaned car. Someone had come while I was in bed and wiped off the snow from my windows and shoveled my sidewalk. This is not the first time that I have had someone do this for me.

The thought came to me that one of the reasons that I have experienced hardship this year is to see the goodness in others and experience their love for me. I have never before in my life been the recipient of so much service, much of it without knowing who has done it. I have also learned how best to give service. I am one who tends to refuse people's offers of help unless it is absolutely necessary. But how wonderful it is when someone doesn't give me the choice and who serves me without me asking them. There have been some people who haven't asked me what they can do for me, in which case I would most of the time say nothing, but told me what they are going to do for me and then just done it. I have always appreciated it and I have asked God to bless each and every person who has helped me get through this year. I know that despite what I thought I could do alone a year ago, I could never in reality have gone through this year without the help from others. Thank you to whoever cleaned off my car this morning and to everyone who has been there for me this year.


T-Ray said...

That is really sweet. Did you find out what was wrong with Sierra? I hope she is ok. I am sorry for not helping you more.

Lynette Mills said...

It is so wonderful that people around you have seen the need and stepped forward to serve. I too tend to feel like Tracy, wishing I could somehow be in two places at once, but I'm going to forgo that feeling and just be very grateful for the awesome people who love and serve you right there in your own neighborhood.
I sure hope Sierra is okay!

AllMyKs said...

Everybody loves you and your family Kristy and appreciate Jess's service, which makes it very easy for others to want to try make things easier for you. I'm sure none of us have any concept of how truly tough this past year has been on you, because you have carried (hid it) it so well, and never complain. You are an example to me because when you are struggling, you look for ways to serve others to make you feel better. Jess, Grant, and your girls are so blessed by the strong woman you are.
Strong women can't be strong ALL of the time though. Hopefully others in your life are stepping in at the right moments to lift your burdens and help make your path a little more smooth so you have time to rebuild your strength.
Although we were friends before Jess left,I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to get to know you much better this year. Thanks for letting me in. YOU have blessed my life!

jamie hixon said...

Hey, Dan and I are coming into town on Wednesday. We are going to Jon Williams' wedding, but we are staying a few extra days (with Uncle Dale). I hope I can help you out a lot while we are there, and I am so thankful that others think of you and help you when your family cannot.