Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Couple Firsts

A few days ago, while feeling the spot in her mouth where her tooth wiggled, Reanne discovered it was no longer there. She was very upset that she couldn't put her tooth under her pillow until I convinced her that tooth fairies could read. She made this very adorable note for her. (Are tooth fairies girls? I always thought of them as female but I guess they could be male.) The fairy, whatever gender, took the note and left Reanne a quarter.

On a sadder note, Grant had his first fall of the bed yesterday. I knew he could roll but I didn't think he enjoyed it much and I did put him in the middle of the bed. While I was having dinner with Sara Pratt and her kids, I heard a bowling ball thump. I listened and didn't hear anything immediately so I kind of ignored it. A few seconds later there was major screaming and I realized what had happened. The fall probably knocked the wind out of poor Grant for a bit. I don't have to tell any mom out there how bad I felt. Helpful Reanne told me that he had to sleep in his crib from now on.


T-Ray said...

Ha ha ha... that is really cute. Maybe you will find the tooth somewhere. Poor Grant. Sorry he took a fall.

Mrs. Brecheisen said...

Congratulations to Reanne. I will tell Eliza, she will be very happy for her.

MRS DOTTER said...

That note is so adorable. Sorry to hear that Grant fell! But, he is a boy, boy do things like that : ) I hope you guys are ok.