Sunday, May 10, 2009


This week Reanne learned how to ride a bike without training wheels. Once Reanne discovered that some of her friends could ride bikes, she has been begging me for one to try out herself. Getting tired of waiting, she grabbed our neighbor's old, small bike and began pushing herself around on it. She was very persistent and determined to learn to ride a "big bike." After a few days of watching her I thought to myself that I would be a better mother if I helped her rather than watch. So I came out and began to hold the back of her seat and push her while she peddled. She quickly told me that she would rather do it herself. I thought "No, she just doesn't understand it will be easier." So I tried again. Again she told me basically to leave her alone which I was happy to do after she rejected my help so rudely. Sure enough, a few days later she was up and riding the bike. She was so excited and told me how she learned all by herself. I praised her and she left beaming.

At that moment I discovered something about my little Reanne. For the past six years I have thought that I was showing love to her as I assisted her in doing things. I didn't realize that she could care less about me helping her. What she really craves and needs from me is my praise. Hopefully it won't take me six years to figure out my other two kids.


jamie hixon said...

Kids. They are a mystery. But how wonderful that you figured a little part of your mystery out! Great job, Scooby Do!

Lynette Mills said...

Reanne is unique isn't she? What a great kid she is. I can't wait to be able to praise her for learning how to ride all by herself. I'll call her soon.

T-Ray said...

WOW!!! Reanne amazes me... really, she is so smart and when she puts her mind to it, can really do a great job at whatever she is trying to do. Good job Reanne! And you are a great mom to Reanne... you handle her so well. Happy Mothers Day! Love you.

William said...

This is exciting news! Way to go Reanne and way to go Kristy :)
Love you

dannyhaley said...

That's quite an accomplishment!
Your kids are so cute!

Mrs. Brecheisen said...

Love the new family photo. Amazing that Reanne taught herself. I remember learning to ride a bike and it took alot of help and alot longer than a few days.