Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mark the Great Benefit run

After I ran my race on the 4th, Reanne got to thinking that it would be pretty fun if she could run in a race (to get the prizes of course.) We signed her up for a benefit run in which the proceeds went to a family who just lost their father to heart disease. Reanne ran with her friend Maya. Here they are warming up for their 200 meter run.

Reanne could have placed in her small race but she decided to be a good friend and team player and stay by Maya. Maya slipped and fell and Reanne still stuck by her. They came in last place but I was so proud of her.

Aren't they the cutest!

Jess ran the 5k and cut down his last time by a couple minutes. 26:50. Good job Jess!


Lynette Mills said...

So proud of reanne, what a champ!

T-Ray said...

Wow. I'm very impressed. I bet Reanne is pumped and is ready for her next race! And good job Jess! Way to beat your last time.

AllMyKs said...

Way to go you guys! That is so sweet about Reanne. I bet that made you feel so proud of her.

courtneyb said...

they do look cute! 3 minutes is a big deal to take off!! nice.

jamie hixon said...

I love this post, and Reanne is a sweet, cute girl.