Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Today Sierra started our little home preschool. I am doing it with 3 other moms with girls around the same age. It is very low key, only once a week with a different mom teaching each week, but Sierra couldn't be more thrilled. She is so excited that she gets to go to school like her big sister (who wishes she could be in preschool by the way.) I wish I had a picture of the four girls but my camera was somehow missing it's memory card. Oh well. Next week.


AllMyKs said...

Yea for Mom Preschool! I bet she is so excited for it.I can't wait to see your pictures. That is great that you are doing preschool Kristy.

T-Ray said...

That is such a great idea. I am glad that Sierra finally gets to go to school like her big sister. :o)

Tricia Taylor said...

Kiera didn't get into the preschool. Should have done one of these too!!! Fun times!