Wednesday, January 6, 2010


You know your kids are Star Wars fanatics when...

their favorite toys for Christmas were their light sabers,
they fight over who gets to sleep with the Star Wars book that neither one of them can read,
your 6 year old wants to play pin the tail on the Bantha,
all Reanne wants for her next birthday is a Star Wars poster,
your 4 year old knows all the words to Weird Al's song "Yoda",
you hear your daughter tell your son, "You're not a Jedi yet!",
your kids change their first family vacation spot from Egypt to Tatooine,
your kids know more names and places of the movie than you do.


T-Ray said...

HA HA HA HA!!! They are getting out of control! Who knew that them watching this movie for the first time would be an obsession! They are too cute.

jamie hixon said...

HAA!!!! This is great.

Lynette Mills said...

Hey... star wars is a great movie and they know it now. I can't wait to hear them talk to me about it. I'll have to brush up on my facts so I can keep up with them. ha ha