Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Circle of Life

For a long time the girls have thrown their left over crusts of bread outside in our yard. Almost immediately the sparrows found that we did this and stopped by frequently to see if there was any food. The girls loved to watch them and I loved that they stayed to eat all my bugs in the garden. This winter there were two bird "couples" that pretty much lived in our vine on the shed. Well, this morning when I looked out the kitchen window I saw a hawk on my fence. This was the second time I saw the bird but this time when he saw me looking at him he didn't fly away. Instead he tore into the vine where my two bird pairs were and chased around one of the males. He finally caught him behind the barbecue where he then brought him out and pounced on him a bit before he flew off with him. I couldn't believe I saw it all so close and I couldn't help feeling a little like I aided in the hawk's breakfast. I thought I was doing my kind deed by feeding the sparrows but really I was providing the perfect place for the murder of a little bird family!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Difference in Personalities

For the last three days Sierra has had the hives. I'm not sure how she got them, but I am sure how she is feeling because I remember how awful they were when I had them in high school. They literally cover 85% of her body and she just cries all day because they itch so bad. Well, Reanne came home and decided that life wasn't fair. She was unhappy, not because Sierra was suffering, but because she was receiving way too much special attention. She declared that she was having the worst day ever, that life was not fair and that she felt like no one loved her anymore. That evening it was Sierra's turn to say family prayer. She said a very simple and sweet prayer that asked Heavenly Father to take away her itchies and to keep Reanne healthy.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The party to end all parties...or at least me.

Reanne has been planning a Star Wars birthday party since Christmas. If I had also planned for that length of time I would have been better off, but it still turned out pretty well for my first big party and the kids all had fun I think. First we played Star Wars Bingo where they watched clips of the movies to find the characters on the cards. This introduced Star Wars to all the kids who only know it through the Lego Star Wars Wii game. A big thank you to Jess who was up until 1:00 in the morning putting the clips together.
We then played pin the tail on the Bantha. I think pin the tail games are the best at determining which kids are honest. I think all of two of the twelve kids got the tail directly on the mark. It's amazing how that happens!

Then the kids had to go through a light saber obstacle course to become real Jedi knights. This included doing rolls, crawling through tunnels and popping bubbles with their sabers. At the end they received their Jedi name tags.

I wish I got pictures of the "meteor shower" they had to go through to rescue Princess Leia. It was probably because half the kids were either frustrated or upset that they couldn't pop the black balloons and were crying. Jess finally got a knife out and blasted most of them...and the very last balloon had Leia in it. What are the odds.Finally, they got to battle and kill Darth Vader. Can you believe I attempted making this lovely pinata? So glad we found one instead. They also battled R2D2 and he was demolished at the end. The only thing left of the cake were his feet.

This picture pretty much sums up the party. What a bunch of cute Jedi.