Thursday, March 11, 2010

Crawl Space

We use our crawl space on almost a daily basis. So when my dad saw the insulation falling down from the ceiling he said we would need to do something about that. I finally got around to it. Here's what it looks like.

I figured after I put it up that it was a lot safer for the kids to come down. We have carpet on some of the space too (thanks to Tricia) and so when I let the kids come down the other day they thought it was so cool. They played down there and were so happy while I cleaned up the kitchen.

That's when I got my vision of what the crawl space could be. It could be my play room that I have wanted for so long. Some of you might think that is crazy....but if I line the walls with toys and shelves and have carpet underneath and the mesh on the ceiling....they would have their own little space. It wouldn't even matter if they colored on the walls! As soon as I can get more carpet I am going to start on the project.


T-Ray said...

It looks great! That is an awesome idea! Multi-purpose. Some people don't even use their crawl space and look at you! Food Storage, decoration storage & a play room!

AllMyKs said...