Friday, March 5, 2010

Sitting doing nothing

Jess is drilling this weekend again and he is actually staying overnights this time. This is my first time alone at night since last year and I'm not quite sure what to do with myself. If Jess were here I probably would just be quilting while he did his homework, but I can't bring myself to do that and I can't bring myself to go to bed either. So I am going to write a really random entry, the kind I usually skip over while reading other people's blogs.

First, I have to confess that I have a small issue with blogging. I used to be a pretty good journal writer. I must have 10 journals filled from my high school years on. When I started blogging a couple years back I almost completely stopped writing in my journal. This should be fine because blogging is definitely a form of journaling, but there is still a problem. I find that I am very reserved in the things that I blog about for various reasons. I don't want to necessarily advertise to everyone when I am having a horrible day, if I had a spiritual experience, or if I just learned a life lesson. My many feelings and thoughts that I would be writing in my journal are now pretty much forgotten...and that's why we journal is it not? So here is my question to anyone who has gotten this far down in reading this entry - Do I do better at writing a journal AND blogging or do I just include more in my blogs?

My second thought is about pans. Every two years, never fail, I have to replace my Teflon coated pans because they are so worn out that the Teflon is flaking off. Maybe it is because I am not gentle enough when cleaning them, and I did just recently learn that you shouldn't ever turn the heat above medium when cooking with them - oops. But whatever the reason, I don't want to be eating Teflon flaked food. This week I replaced my two pans with something new. I got my first stainless steal pan and my first anodized pan. I am very afraid of the stainless steal one and my first time using it filled my house with smoke. The anodized pan seems to be wonderful and I am hoping that it lasts more than two years. Both I got at Ross for a fraction of the price. I love Ross.

My third thought is about dating. I know every counselor and bishop has told couples that they need to continue dating while married. I know why they say it too. You start to go insane after a few months of never being away from your kids. Isn't it interesting though how hard it is to follow that one piece of advise? I don't think anyone doesn't want to go out, but if you have the luxury of having someone who will watch your kids on a weekly basis, who has the money to pay for a sitter and go out that often? If you do have the money, you probably are working so hard you don't have the time. In our case, we have a little money and a little time which averages out to going out once every other month or so. Do I feel guilty for not dating once a week? No...although I would love to and it would probably make me happier.

That ends my ramblings of the night and if you got through this whole post I am very impressed.


T-Ray said...

I say just blog more. I don't think it is bad to let people know you are human. I do it and I think people just relate... its not a bad thing. I guess it depends how personal you want to get. But I say blog more. :o) But.... this is coming from the blog obsessed.

Lynette Mills said...

About the pans (loved that you wrote about it) I think you should just have one teflon pan for frying eggs. The rest should be made of something that does not flake!

Cheryl said...

I've actually thought about the journal/blog dilemma. I think I want to write more in my Journal again. Esp. for the spiritual things. I mean it can be good to share some of those things publicly, but not all things.
Oh, and I love Ross too.

jamie hixon said...

We don't date, we watch Alias. Of course, we are almost done with the last season.
I wish my teflon pans would last longer as well. One of mine gives some foods a funky flavor when I use it.
And about blogging and journaling, I write spiritual/emotional/things I don't think anyone will enjoy reading in my journal. Everything else I blog. And I don't mind that you skip over reading it.

Melissa said...

I've been pretty terrible about both blogging and journaling lately. Could it be because I am so crazy busy? But, I try to journal whenever I have a spiritual experience that I want to remember and every couple of months (which turns out to be a really long entry) just to catch up on my life. When my sister-in-law passed away, her husband turned to her journal for comfort. If anything happened to me, I would want the same for Jeremiah and my family. So that thought keeps me writing in my journal even if it isn't frequent enough.

My blogging is typically about everyday happenings that my family and friends might enjoy reading to stay updated on our little family. I've thought of adding my spiritual ramblings, but have felt that they are almost to "sacred" to be "out there". It could also be because I am a terrible writer and couldn't ever put into words exactly how I'm feeling so that others get what I'm saying.

That's my two cents, for what it's worth.

Ruby said...

I loved your post! One of my favorites actually. My favorite pan is my $10 cast iron skillet from a Cal Ranch store. Eggs come right off. I don't even wash it. I don't think I've ever washed it. Just wipe it out with a paper towel. You can get that thing so piping hot but it never smokes out.