Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Two Notes

I just had to post a couple notes I have received in the last couple days from my sweet Reanne. The first one I received on Monday when I got home from my trip. She writes,

"Dear Mom
thenk you so mach for picking me for your datter. Did you know I am so gratfel for you
ps I love you
Love Reanne"

The next letter Jess got after dinner tonight. It reads,

Dear Dad
why did you merry a whommon who is allwase! treeting her own Dotter so badilly?
Besidese it's St. Patterucks Day
She fylles like a Big mean harroshes meat eating Dinnosore."
(In the letter was a carefully cut out, colored, T-Rex dinosaur.)


AllMyKs said...

Oh Kristy! I need a good laugh like that!! I love that girl!

T-Ray said...

HA! she cracks me up! The first letter is SO sweet. :o)

Becky said...

So funny!

jamie hixon said...

"harroshes"???? That is hilarious.
At least you know she is a dramatic girl, and the first note is how she really feels.

Lynette Mills said...

Was she trying to get a laugh? If not, that girl is very conflicted! I love her anyway.