Thursday, April 29, 2010

Looking Out the Window This Morning

It wasn't something I particularly wanted to see...but it was still pretty.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Update on the kids

I haven't updated anything on the blog for a while and thought a good subject would be my kids. I'm always amazed at how fast they go through different stages.

I have always told everyone she is my hard child. Lately however, I have realized how she really isn't anymore. She has been a lot happier and her fits of frustration are actually silent now (sometimes in writing) but I'll take that any day of the week. She is doing really well in school. She just got moved up another group in spelling and has almost passed all of her math facts. Her favorite books to read are Junie B. Jones but told me that when she finished reading Charlotte's Web that her eyes started watering a little and that it made her feel things. (But she wasn't crying.) I actually cry at the end of Charlotte's Web too.

She just wants to be big so badly. She tries to imitate Reanne in everything she does and does a pretty good job of it. If she wasn't still sucking her fingers I would say she definitely is a very big girl. I've seen a really big jump with her trying to read and write. She actually can read small words and her new favorite thing is to type (like a big girl) on the computer. She still is the same cuddly, bear cub that she's always been though and still needs tons of praise and attention. Here's a note I found from her this week.Grant:
I am discovering that Grant is 100% boy. He spends the majority of his day looking for something to throw or rip or break. We have locks on every cupboard of our house and still he finds things that he isn't supposed to. One of his favorite things to do is to take off the vent covers and fill our vents with whatever he can find. We also discovered that he enjoys stuffing things in other our printer. Here is what we found in it when it stopped working last week.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My project

I saw a giant felt map in pottery barn kids magazine a year back that I thought was so cool. I never thought about it again until I started thinking about things I could put on the wall of my crawl space to make it kid friendly. So I found some material in my closet and went for it. I am not finished yet because I am still making things to go with it. (I am going to make some famous buildings for them to stick on and I think some more place tags.)