Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Sunday we left Spain and drove into Andorra, a tiny country in between Spain and France. The drive was beautiful. Since we have been here we have just taken it easy and relaxed. We haven't set the alarm once and we went to the grocery store so we could cook in our apartment. We went on a few nature walks which is where the picture below was taken. The mountains are draining everywhere from the winter snow and the run off comes out of the funniest places sometimes. I guess it killed this tree from running right under it's roots.

When you drive up and down the main road you see all these wonderful tiny cities nestled in the mountain. It was pretty cold the first couple days we were here since we are so far up in altitude but it warmed up yesterday. So since it warmed up we had to go shopping! :) When do I get to go shopping without kids? It was great.
I loved all the wild flowers up here. I haven't seen a lot of wild life, but the wild flowers are so pretty. They even have this wild kind of daffodil that grows in the fields that only gets about an inch off the ground. You can't tell it's a daffodil until you get really close.

I think we found out the secret to get internet now, so I hopefully can post more regularly.


T-Ray said...

Looks and sounds delightful.

AllMyKs said...

Oh my heavens this trip sounds wonderful! So glad that you guys are getting all this time together. That would be my favorite part.

Lisa said...

Loved your pictures. Sounds like a wonderful trip!