Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 4- Cordoba

We have internet again so I can post a few pictures and give you the highlights of the last few days. Oh, there is so much that we've seen that it is already getting all mushed in my mind.

Here is the city of Cordoba which we stopped at after Sevilla. It was totally worth the stop. It had a bit of everything...Moorish ruins, a castle, a cathedral, churches galore.

Here is a picture of the Jewish quarter of the city. People still live there although I don't know if they are all still Jewish. Probably not. We stopped to eat lunch there because we are usually starving by lunch from driving or walking or both and not eating very much at breakfast. Jess got this pork steak that was so amazingly good. (He let me try a bite.) I guess their is a type of pig you can pretty much eat rare here. I am not usually a pork person but this I still dream about.
The highlight of the city is the cathedral/mosque. I say both because it was cathedral, then a mosque when the Moors took it over, and then turned back into a cathedral when it was taken back. The combination of architecture and design was so amazing and one of a kind. This is some of the catholic part of the building.

This is some of the Islamic part of the same building. This building was so big that it took an hour and a half to walk around it.

After we saw the historic parts of the city we hopped in the car again and drove 4 hours to Toledo. We slept very well that night!


jamie hixon said...

I love the blue flower pots everywhere.

T-Ray said...

Great pictures! I was going to say the same thing as Jamie... loved all the flower pots!