Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 5- Toledo

Oh my goodness. I can't tell you enough about Toledo. It was the coolest experience I have ever had just driving into that amazing city. It was like stepping back in time a thousand years. When you drive up you see a castle and most of the city is inside the walls. It wasn't like other cities where you have the historic center and then the rest of the city looks a bit more modern. The whole city has been declared a national monument. This is what you see from our hotel.

We saw the most tourists here....they were everywhere. It seemed like the whole world wanted to see this amazing place, and we were in the slow season. Both Jess and I got to experience being pick-pocketed and donated even more money than we planned to the local economy.
We saw so many things here and walked so many miles. Every day our feet are so sore from walking and we each have blisters...but it's worth it. We went in this old building where they imprisoned knights (after it was decided they weren't needed any more.) Here is Knight Jess sneaking a picture in one of the dungeons.

We started listening to Don Quijote in the car since we have a lot of time between cities. I never knew much about it except that it was a classic. It is actually a very funny book about a very fictional character. In the book he travels through Toledo and they definitely capitalize on it. There are figurenes of Don Quijote and his squire Sancho everywhere in the city. We didn't buy any but I got a picture of where he traveled.

Love this city...even if we were pick-pocketed.


jamie hixon said...

So how did the pick-pockets do it? The old bump and grab? Did they slash your purse?
That is the worst. We got ripped off in Paris.

courtneyb said...

was it by the stupid Romanian Gypsies? I hate those people.
but the city looks amazing. Let's hear about the food your eating!!

T-Ray said...

This place looks beautiful! I would love to go there! Except I don't want to get ripped off.... but it happens. Happened to Lori and I in Costa Rica.