Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 6 - Zaragoza

This is our last city in Spain before we drive on to Andora. Jess messed up on our reservation at the hostel here and so we had to book at a place that had room for us. It happened to be a five star hotel. It was 50 euros more but it sure beats having to share a bathroom with 15 other people. Actually, we have only had one other hostel that had shared bathrooms so it has been not bad at all, but I am really loving this hotel.

Both Jess and I both felt our brains go a little numb today with everything we have taken in in the last week. We walked around not sure what to see that would make this place stand out to us. We ended up seeing a basilica (which I guess is more important than a cathedral?) where we couldn't take pictures on the inside. It was still a working church. It was kind of nice to see people in there praying instead of taking pictures, even if they were praying to St. John and Mary.
We also saw a palace which was very cool. This was a palace for the Moors at first and then taken over in the 1400's. This seems to be the pattern in Spain. It then was built to look like a fortress another hundred years later by a king who was having troubles with his people. It was beautifully restored inside but I can't post pictures of everything.

This wasn't open when we went by, but I had to get a picture of it. Who can come to Spain and not get a picture of a bullfighting ring? The only thing we didn't get to see which I wish we could have was some flamanco dancing. Oh well, another trip....someday.

Well, I hope I have internet at our place in Andora. I have to write this all down before it leaves my mind or gets jumbled even more than it is.


jamie hixon said...

Good for you. Honestly, if I don't write stuff down right away I forget A LOT.

T-Ray said...

I'm glad you guys brought the laptop and are recording as you go. I think it is a really good idea.
The hotel look nice and the city is beautiful... its all been beautiful. So awesome that you get to experience this!

Becky said...

Wow Kristy! It sounds like you guys are having so much fun! I'm jealous! :) I want to stop by your house when we visit Utah this summer so you can tell me all about your trip.