Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day trip to France

Jess and I had to go into France just to say we did. It was a long car ride to the places we went to, but it was well worth it. First we stopped in Niaux to see the caves that have the Paleolithic cave art, the ones you see in history books. It was really cool.
Of course you couldn't take pictures inside and I don't know if I would have been able to anyway it was so dark. We each had a big flashlight and it was still was so dark that you couldn't see things too clearly. The guide had a mega light that he would shine on things when he wanted to tell us about them, which was all in French so I didn't understand a thing. I bought a book afterwards so I could get the information from the tour. I guess they have no way to prove they are actually cave drawings but they were recorded by people in the 1700's. There were signitures all over the place of people who had explored the caves, some from the 1600's. It definitely made the Timp caves seem tiny. These caves were massive.
Coming down the French side of the mountain we actually saw some wildlife. We saw a herd of mountain goats and some kind of deer.
Next we drove to Carcassone. It was a beautiful drive off the mountain. This was another tourist city we found out, but we drove through a ton of small French country villages which if we had time I would have loved to stop at. Carcassone was another city with tons of history, a French castle and tons of little shops. It was fun to walk around and look at everything. We tried some French cookies (they love shortbread here) and their hard crust sandwiches. That is one thing I am excited to return to in the states....soft bread. The hard stuff tears up my mouth.

Some pictures from our drive. Jess was worn out from driving a stick shift up and down a mountain but I couldn't get enough of the sights. So pretty.


Becky said...

Such fun!! How long have you guys been in Europe?

T-Ray said...

Your right, it is VERY pretty. Can't wait to go there one day.

Carmen & Eliot said...

So you've been in Europe this whole time and haven't let me know?????????? We need to meet up! Any chance you'll be coming to Vienna?:) How long is your trip going to be? Call me at +4369917078716 if you can or skype me at zazafu or email me or something!!!! Glad you finally got to see a bit of Europe!!

Tricia Taylor said...

Looks like you guys are having fun!! Keep it up, but get home soon, we miss you!! :-D