Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Last Day - Barcelona

Since we were leaving out of the Barcelona airport, we drove down the day before to see the city. It was definitely the biggest place we visited and we were a bit overwhelmed with how much there was to see. We were also pretty tired and a tiny toured out so I don't think we got the full experience here. If we ever take a cruise on the Med. we will have to try to see some more of this huge place.
We did take a sky tram up this hill to the old fort of the city. The views were incredible and you could see everything. The picture of the city (above) was from the tram but you could also see the harbor and the Mediterranean. The fort was free which is probably why we went there. I don't know if we were running low on funds or just tired of giving people our money, but it sure was nice to walk in somewhere and not have to give them your arm and leg to see the place.
Although it was enormous, Barcelona was still beautiful. I loved seeing the different styles of architecture and they had more monuments in the city than Lisbon (which had monuments on pretty much every corner). We took a bus tour of the city when we realized there was no way to walk from place to place like we had previously done in the other cities. The bus tour took about 2 hours. Not because it went that many places, but because we were in rush hour traffic pretty much all day. Warning: Don't ever try to drive around in this place if you visit. It's totally worth it to take the bus.

I had no idea of how artsy Barcelona is. It was home to many famous architects and artists. We had been to one art museum on our trip and probably every cathedral we came across. So instead of seeing Gaudi's temple (which I kind of wanted to see anyway because it is so different) we saw the Picasso museum. I have to admit, it was pretty cool to see even if I don't prefer his style. This is a picture of us and Jess's mom, who joined us a week into the trip, outside the museum.
At the end of the trip we were all exhausted and ready to come home. I REALLY missed the kids. Now that I am home again I can't get enough of them and I am a lot more patient with them again. Hopefully the feeling will last a while. :) Traveling is wonderful. I hope that we can do it again one day.


dannyhaley said...

Looks like an amazing trip! Hope you recovered from exhaustion of flying and are doing well.

T-Ray said...

WOW! Looks amazing! So beautiful. Love the pics... and nice that you got a pic with Robyn too. I'm glad you guys got to go too. What a great experience!

jamie hixon said...

Ahhhh. That is a nice feeling to be home.
Barcelona looks beautiful. I'm slightly jealous of your trip.