Monday, July 5, 2010

The Zoo

For the 4th of July (actually the third this year) we went to the zoo. I know it's not a typical activity for the 4th...but Jess HATES parades and would not budge on this one. The weather turned out great and although it was a bit crowded, we got in free with Jess's military ID. So all in all it was a good choice. The kids all had fun.

It was Grant's first time at the zoo so I was curious to what he would find interesting. He liked the animals ok...but he mostly just liked having a lot of room to run around. He also took every opportunity to find rocks and trash to throw at whoever was walking by.

Grant did not like the carousel so this is the only picture we got of him on it. He ended up getting off before it started.

Here Sierra is looking at her 10th set of monkeys. As you can see she is not that interested in them anymore. Both girls said they were "monkeyed out" by the end.

The girls really liked the playground. I always wonder why they put playgrounds in zoos and why kids like to play on them more than watching the animals.


Lynette Mills said...

Love the picture of Reanne in the turtle shell. You never know what kids will dislike... speaking of Grant on the carrosel. Last night William started to cry when the fireworks started. For half of the show he buried his head.

William said...

We didn't parade either... just the "block party" and fireworks. It was a perfect day.
William enjoyed the second half of the fireworks as soon as i snuggled him and got him excited about them :)

T-Ray said...

The zoo is fun. Great pictures of the kids.

Lynette Mills said...

I love the picture of Reanne in the shell.

jamie hixon said...

That is pretty classic with Reanne in the turtle shell. That sounds like fun!
Asher wasn't interested in the animals until the last time we went to the zoo.