Saturday, August 21, 2010

Is Bigger Really Better?

Most people know that we had a 35 gallon fish tank in our living room. Well, while I was at girl's camp Jess found a 60 gallon tank on KSL for a super great price and decided that he would go for it. We sold the old one on KSL (love that place) and for just 20 dollars difference we upgraded. We found some rocks outside, and got some more plants (some are bulbs that haven't sprouted yet) and here it is. Is it better? I think so, and I'm sure the fish think so too.


T-Ray said...

I love the new tank!

Lynette Mills said...

The rocks are a great addition.

Lori said...

Your tank looks so great!! I need to set up our little one for the boys, they would love it.