Monday, October 25, 2010

Belated Birthday

I have to spotlight some of my wonderful and talented friends. Today I came home and my dear friend Olia had left some flowers on my door. I hope it wasn't because of my last matter the reason, I really appreciated them. They totally made my day. Thanks so much Olia. You are one of the sweetest people I know. I totally miss seeing you in the ward!

That amazing cake was made for me by my neighbor, boss and friend Kristin. She is pretty much the best baker I have ever met and her cupcakes are the bomb. This cake looks like it should be for a wedding, but it was just for my birthday. It was a pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting. She even put this amazing, white chocolate, funky layer around the outside. Thanks for the cake Kristin. You are the best. Oh, she also made one of the cute flower headbands. When did she have time to do that?

The other headband was made by my new visiting teacher Rebecca. I don't know her well yet, but I can tell that she is one talented lady. I love the headband she made. (It's the one with 3 flowers on it.) I have been secretly coveting her headbands that she makes and wears for months. Thanks for making me one Rebecca. I am so excited that you're my new VT.

I just have to say, I have a lot of talented, amazing friends.


Lori said...

Glad you got some birthday love Kristy! How nice to be surrounded by people who love and care about you!

Lynette Mills said...

That cake looks really good!

T-Ray said...

That is really sweet! I want a piece of that cake! Sounds amazing. I also love the flower headbands.

jamie hixon said...

Boss, huh? I didn't know you were working.
Isn't it great to have random gifts? I think everything looks awesome. I'll have to start doing this stuff for people, because I need the friend karma. ;-)