Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Father's Day...Late

I bought Jess a tent for Father's day. I had it wrapped before we left for the Ragnar and just by looking at it he could tell what it was, even though I told him I would never buy him a tent. My other present to him was to let him "recover" after the race (and the next day) while I took care of the kids.

The kids always get off easy when it comes to presents. They made him little cards. They were also interviewed at church about their dad. This is what was in our ward bulletin on Sunday.

How tall is your father?
8 feet - Reanne

How much does your dad weigh?
Strong - Grant
6 pounds - Reanne

What does your dad like to eat?
Brownies - Sierra
Food - Grant
Salmon - Reanne

What does your dad always tell you?
To stop making scary things - Sierra

What does your dad do when you are at school?
Play on the computer - Reanne

What does your dad like to watch on TV?
The Dark Crystal - Sierra
Kai-lan - Grant
Phineas and Ferb - Reanne

Why did your dad marry your mom?
She was pretty and nice - Sierra

What is your dad's favorite movie?
Star Wars - Reanne

How old is your dad?
34 - Reanne

I found a poem that Reanne had written a while back that had been stuffed away in a drawer. It is titled "Dad."

Oh Dad I'm so glad to hav you thir for me!
I'll remynd you just in cace
How much I injoy your tender face!
I love having you around
And I hope that you hav found
Out that I love you!


Lori said...

what a great idea to have from the mouth of babes in the program! too cute. I love that poem too, thanks for sharing!!

T-Ray said...

I love the answers the kids gave. And what a cute little poem that Reanne wrote.

Erin said...

Weren't those answers from the kids so funny?! Ben and I had a good laugh over it. Reanne's poem is impressive!