Thursday, June 30, 2011

Why We Love Springville

We have lived in Springville for 5 1/2 years. That is the longest that Jess and I have lived anywhere since we have been married. We moved here when Reanne was only 2 and Sierra was 3 weeks old. Grant of course, was born here.

I always said that I didn't ever want to raise a family in Utah. I know, I was one of those people. I had a lot of negative impressions on my mission. I also met a lot of Jacks while at BYU. Despite all of my previous thoughts, I look back over the last 5 years and realize that I am glad that my kids are being raised in Springville, UT. I love that this is a safe place. I know things can happen anywhere, but I don't worry as much about me or the kids here. I have also made a lot of great friends. There are definitely good people here and it has changed my previous impressions. I asked my kids what each of them liked about living here and they all had different answers.

Reanne said she loved living by all the farms and animals. That was one of the things that I loved about Springville when we first looked at buying a house here. It's the perfect meld of old and new. You get the feeling of living in the country, but you are only 10 minutes away from any kind of shopping that you need.

Sierra said she loved all the flowers. I know you can see flowers no matter where you live, but the flowers here are so pretty. In California, I never got to see any of the beautiful bulbs that grow here. I am so happy every spring when the daffodils and tulips pop up in my front yard.

Grant's is pretty excited to live around the train. To be honest, I have never lived in a place where I had to cross so many railroad tracks all the time. To get to my parents house just 4 1/2 miles away, you have to cross over 3 different sets of tracks! It's a tad annoying while your driving to have to stop for the train to pass, but Grant LOVES to see and hear the trains. A boy's dream come true.

And of course, all three kids love that this place is so close to them now. The best thing about living in Springville, is that Grandma and Grandpa's Mapleton house is so close.


dannyhaley said...

Cute post! We are in Mapleton once in a while to see Danny's dad. I would love to get together sometime. Your kids are so cute!

Lori said...

So glad you and your family love where you are. It really is a nice place. I'm glad you guys have Mom and Dad so close... I miss that.

Erin said...

Ah, you're making me sad to be leaving! Springville really is a great place. I hope we grow to love Lehi just as much. We will miss all our great friends and neighbors though! I LOVE your garden. It looks incredible.

jamie hixon said...

I hardly recognize mom and dad's house without all the snow around. And I love your kid's answers.