Thursday, August 18, 2011


I'm not sure why I have had a hard time on the blog recently.  But I need to list some of our recent Bourgeous events.

The first was that Jess took a final army, out of the country trip.  He got to go to Italy for 9 days.  I was pretty much jealous the whole 9 days he was gone.  He brought me back some olive oil and a couple scarves, but I would much rather have been able to go.  If I were to go back in time, I would have convinced Jess to let me join the military instead of him.

While he was gone I potty trained Grant.  I never had a kid who wanted to do anything on a toilet...but when they get close to 3 I hit my diaper limit and they are forced to leave their diapers behind.  It took about a week, which is about the same schedule as the girls.  I don't know why I was so worried to potty train a boy.  He did great.

The third big event was Grant's birthday.  It really wasn't a big event.  We had a little party with my dad who's birthday is a day after Grants.  I didn't take any pictures of the night.  I still can't believe that I totally failed in that category, but we had a couple presents and I attempted to make a cake with 7 minute frosting.  It was the only thing my dad wanted for his birthday.  He gave me an A for effort but I guess I didn't get it right.  (If anyone has any tricks to share let me know.) I can't believe Grant is three already.  With how excited I was that he is potty trained, I'm still kind of sad too.  I officially have no more babies in the house.

The last big event is today.  Jess and I celebrate 10 years of marriage.  How did we celebrate?  Going to Back to School night of course. :)  Our kids are so excited to go back to school.  And I am excited for them to go back to school.  We are all so happy to be going back to school.  What better way to celebrate an anniversary.  (Don't worry.  We are going out tomorrow.)


Tracy said...

Goodness. I can't believe Grant is no longer a baby either. Happy Anniversary. I hope you guys are going to do something wonderful. Don't worry... you still have plenty of time to travel yourself. We will take sister trips! :)

Olia said...

potty training is on my mind lately. I will have a lot of questions for you when you come over. you must by a pro after 3 kids! yey for Grant for being a big boy! I can't believe he is 3. how did that happened.
hope you have a nice anniversary celebration!

Lori said...

Wish you could have gone with Jess too, except then I really would have missed you in Utah :) Glad Grant was easy to potty train, I guess we could have attempted it together while I was there so they really could have done it together! Happy anniversary!! Hooray for school.

AllMyKs said...

I'm jealous about Italy too! Had I known he was going I would have begged him to bring a scarf back for me too!

jamie hixon said...

Happy birthday to Grant! Ohh, and I'm jealous of JEss for going to Italy too. That is where I want to go next.

Lynette Mills said...

Yes to what Lori said... Hooray for school