Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Last year I found this dragon costume for Grant in an after Halloween sale.  I thought it would be fun if the girls were princesses to match.  This was a perfect idea for Sierra but Reanne took some convincing.  She wanted to be a Power Ranger.  I let her be a storm trooper last year and I really wanted her to be something girly.  She finally consented to being the princess she thinks is a tomboy: Rapunzel.  Sierra said she would be princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog.  

Here is Rapunzel (in a not so Rapunzel dress) but complete with frying pan and chameleon.  Of course Reanne realized that the colors and pattern of her dress were wrong, but I'm just not that talented to make up a dress without a pattern.

Here is Sierra (in her not so Tiana costume.)  She also realized the dress wasn't exact, but unlike Reanne, didn't complain about it too much.  Reanne's costume was so hard to sew because the fabric was really thick.  By the time I was done I bought all new material for Sierra's costume, not wanting to repeat the torture of the first costume.  I didn't realize that her material would snag on my dry hands and fray by just looking at it.  Oh well.  I was still really happy with how they turned out in the end.
I actually caught a picture of Reanne twirling her dress -and liking it. I know there is girl in her deep inside.    Sometimes I just have to force it out of her.


Lori said...

Kristy! They turned out AMAZING!! Great job, you are so talented!

T-Ray said...

Wow Kristy WOW!!! They turned out SO great! What cute costumes! I love that they all match each other. The girls look so beautiful. You are amazing on that sewing machine!

jamie hixon said...

I think you did such a great job... and what an awesome idea! I think I really have to plan ahead next year, because this year I almost died. Lets just say I know what you mean about cheapish fabric. ;-)

Lynette Mills said...

all that work paid off... they turned out so cute and the girls look fantastic