Sunday, October 23, 2011


Walmart gave me a coupon for their photo studio so we went ahead and tried them out.  I actually have a couple great photographers in the family, but this was convenient and pretty cheap.  I really wasn't expecting much but ended up liking a couple of the photos they took.  (The originals are a lot less fuzzy.)

 This is my favorite.  I have a big one on the wall and every time I pass it I smile.
 Reanne's 3rd grade school picture
 Sierra's 1st grade school picture.
There is something about seeing my children's cute smiles immortalized in a picture that brings me a little bit of happiness.  In my house, there is so much drama and so many sad and angry faces shown throughout the day that mounting some smiles on the wall evens the score a little bit.   


Lynette Mills said...

Love that one of the girls kissing grant too... It's so cute

T-Ray said...

I REALLY REALLY LOVE the pic of the girls kissing Grant. Like A LOT.

Lori said...

the photo session was a hit! how nice that your kids are all at ages where they cooperate :) love the flowers in the hair! your kids are SO cute Kristy! (a beautiful mom and handsome dad will do that!)

Olia said...

omg, the one with kisses - priceless!

jamie hixon said...

Oh my goodness, I'm pretty much going to say the same thing as everyone else... That one of the girls kissing Grant, with their flowers in their hair and his cute expression, is SO ADORABLE! I would keep that on my wall forever if I were you.
In other news, your kids are SO TAN!!