Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Reanne and Sierra sat down and wrote some stories the other day.  This is the story Reanne wrote.

The Three Little Lion Cubs and the Hyena

Once there were three little lion cubs.  They lived in the woods.  One night their mom left for food.  Hyenas came so the first one went and built it's house out of brick so they circled the other two.  So the second made it's house out of metal so they went to the last.  Then she built her house out of gold.

Then the hyenas got hungry and lonely, so the three lions got in the third lion's home.  "Here.  You can take our old ones," they said.  "We can all live together."  "Thank you," said the hyenas, "but what about our food?"  "Oh don't worry.  We found wild, raw, dead lion cubs, but not us," said one lion.  And the neighbors lived happily ever after.

While Reanne wrote her lion story, Sierra wrote this:

Two Unicorns Fall In Love

Once there were two unicorns.  One day they knew they were falling in love.  Then one unicorn saw a cat and started to chase it.

(We are all curious at our house to know what is going to happen next.)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


We made a long trip out to see Jess's brother get married.  Our 24 hour road trip was done in one stretch.  (Actually it wouldn't have taken that long if we hadn't blown a tire.)  Anyway, we got to his parents house in Iowa Friday night.  We left Saturday early afternoon and traveled 3 1/2 hours to Chicago for the wedding and then came back that night.  After Saturday we both swore we weren't getting back in the car until the end of our trip and we left to go home.  But, the next day Jess showed me all his childhood memories around town.

Then, today we drove into Wisconsin to buy cheese.  That sounds far doesn't it?  It was a 20 minute drive and we got some wonderful freshly made cheese.  Did you know they make chocolate cheese?  We almost bought some but decided on the smokey cheddar instead...along with some fresh cheese sticks and some cheese curds.  Fresh cheese sticks are the bomb.  They aren't dry at all like the ones from Walmart.

We also passed by the coolest shrine ever in the city of Dickyville.  It is called the Grotto and we just had to stop and take a few pictures.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sierra's 6th Birthday Party

 Sierra wanted to have a Princess Tea Party for her birthday party.  She wanted to invite all the girls in her class, a few neighbors, and her cousins.  I planned on 12 girls being there (including my girls.)  I spent a lot of time preparing things that each girl would take home at the end of the party

So...to start out the party two of the girls came early.  Not just a few minutes early, but 25 minutes early!  And one of the girls was a sister, so not technically invited.  Who does that?  Another girl came and didn't realize it was a birthday party.  I guess I didn't specifically say that it was a birthday party on the invitation so that was my fault.  But wouldn't you bring one just in case it wasn't just a party just for the fun of it?  Then another girl came with her sister.  There were a lot of girls.  It was really loud in my small house.

First the girls got their nails done and some makeup.  While they were waiting their turn they played some princess games.  Painting  nails took longer than I thought so Jess had the girls tell princess stories until we finished.  They were all fascinated with their made up stories.  It was kind of cute.  So the big game -the princess scavenger hunt- was next, but I had too many girls come (because of all the siblings who showed up.)  I didn't have enough princess items anymore so I had to ask Reanne to be the princess who didn't get a tiara, a magic wand or a necklace.  That didn't go over well.

For the rest of the party Reanne pretty much was in tears.  I had to send her out of the house because it got so bad.  She came back in time to see Sierra open her presents.  With every present she cried harder.  It was awful.  Then Grant started crying.  I was trying really hard to not cry myself.

By the time the party was over I had a huge headache and I was mad at most of my kids.  I swear I am going to give up trying to do fun things for my kids.  I am letting everyone know now that next year I am not holding any friend parties.

50's Day

The kids just passed the 50th day of school.  In Sierra's class they had a whole 50's day to celebrate.  She got to dress up, they made root beer floats and all reading, writing and math activities were based around that decade.  How fun is that?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hike with Grandma

Last weekend we went on a walk with Grandma.  It is a walk she takes every morning and she wanted us to see the leaves.  We had actually attempted the walk previously but before we went up a paved road and only made it half way up.  This time we drove to the top of the road and then my mom showed us the dirt path off to the side.  It was gorgeous.  The leaves were everywhere.  The kids enjoyed it, all except for Reanne who ended up having the flu and we didn't know it.  Sorry Reanne.