Tuesday, November 22, 2011


We made a long trip out to see Jess's brother get married.  Our 24 hour road trip was done in one stretch.  (Actually it wouldn't have taken that long if we hadn't blown a tire.)  Anyway, we got to his parents house in Iowa Friday night.  We left Saturday early afternoon and traveled 3 1/2 hours to Chicago for the wedding and then came back that night.  After Saturday we both swore we weren't getting back in the car until the end of our trip and we left to go home.  But, the next day Jess showed me all his childhood memories around town.

Then, today we drove into Wisconsin to buy cheese.  That sounds far doesn't it?  It was a 20 minute drive and we got some wonderful freshly made cheese.  Did you know they make chocolate cheese?  We almost bought some but decided on the smokey cheddar instead...along with some fresh cheese sticks and some cheese curds.  Fresh cheese sticks are the bomb.  They aren't dry at all like the ones from Walmart.

We also passed by the coolest shrine ever in the city of Dickyville.  It is called the Grotto and we just had to stop and take a few pictures.


T-Ray said...

That is cool. I am glad you are getting some site seeing in. I had no idea they made chocolate cheese. mmm... I think I would have made your same choice. :)

Lori said...

How fun for Jess to go down memory lane with you! Wow, what a shrine- that is amazing! Glad you are having some new experiences out there :) Miss you too.

Lynette Mills said...

your fish are all still alive and well! We miss you guys

jamie hixon said...

We are actually watching a Stephen Fry production on America, and they just visited Wisconsin and interviewed a cheese maker. Funny! I love the shrine. Not as something in my backyard, but it is cool to look at.