Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Reanne and Sierra sat down and wrote some stories the other day.  This is the story Reanne wrote.

The Three Little Lion Cubs and the Hyena

Once there were three little lion cubs.  They lived in the woods.  One night their mom left for food.  Hyenas came so the first one went and built it's house out of brick so they circled the other two.  So the second made it's house out of metal so they went to the last.  Then she built her house out of gold.

Then the hyenas got hungry and lonely, so the three lions got in the third lion's home.  "Here.  You can take our old ones," they said.  "We can all live together."  "Thank you," said the hyenas, "but what about our food?"  "Oh don't worry.  We found wild, raw, dead lion cubs, but not us," said one lion.  And the neighbors lived happily ever after.

While Reanne wrote her lion story, Sierra wrote this:

Two Unicorns Fall In Love

Once there were two unicorns.  One day they knew they were falling in love.  Then one unicorn saw a cat and started to chase it.

(We are all curious at our house to know what is going to happen next.)


jamie hixon said...

Ok, Reanne's story was unexpected... and a little crazy at the end there. And Sierra's is so cute. I love children's imaginations.

Lynette Mills said...

I like Reanne's story better than the 3 little pigs... even though death isn't totally out of the picture. Ha ha

T-Ray said...

ha ha ha. I love their imaginations. Kids stories are the best.

Lori said...

Their stories sure do reflect their little personalities :) What a fun stage of life! Thanks for sharing them.