Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Tonight Sierra said to me, "I'm Madonna.  Look into my eyes."  When I did she told me I would turn into stone.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Words of Wisdom

Sierra's teacher makes a book for the parents for a Christmas present every year.  The book is called "Words of Wisdom," and is a book of idioms -with a little twist.  Thought I would share life's lessons through the eyes of first graders.

A penny saved is... a doll.
You wear your your body.
You can lead a horse to water will run away.
You scratch my back and... you scratch baby's back.
Can't see the forest...because there's a secret force field.
I can have my cake and...share it with my brother.
The squeaky wheel gets...squeakier.
A watched pot never...burns up food.
Better late go to bed.
It's bark is worse than... a baby's scream.
Don't bite the hand that... is a person's hand.
Don't put all your eggs in... a fish bowl.
Beggars can't be...good.
You can't judge a book...cause it can't do anything.
As you make your bed so shall you...get dressed.
Up a creek without a...lake of water.
A rolling stone gathers...what I can't.
When the cat's away...they run.
A picture is worth... 25 cents.
Don't make a mountain out of...books.
The bigger they are...the smarter they get.
A stitch in quick.
All that glitters...makes it sparkle.
A bird in the hand...said "cheep cheep."  It meant hello hello.
Don't cry over...the couch.  Please don't cry!
Out of the frying pan...came a talking waffle.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Keeping Warm

 It has been cold in the mornings lately.  The other day our elf Rintue, overheard the girls saying how their hands and ears were so cold they tingled while they waited for the bus.  Rintue usually leaves pennies or little candies in their slippers when they are good, but the next morning they found hats and gloves on their slippers instead.  They were pretty excited.