Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sierra's note

Sierra is very sensitive.  She is my child who can always sense when my mood starts changing from patient   and calm to annoyed and irritable.  The change almost always occurs at 5:00 when I am still trying to get through spelling and math, make dinner, and battle Grant's tantrums because his tummy is hungry.  I really appreciate this in her because she knows when to disappear and let me have my grumpy time alone.

A couple days ago Sierra did her disappearing act at dinner time but came back down and gave me a note.
"Love is helpfule whene moms are around.  eiaspeicaily Kristy Bourgeous my mom.  we love her verry much we lov her as much as Jesus and Hevnly father too.  and so we all love Kristy bourgeous and that is that."

That note has stayed on my fridge, so that at dinner time I can look at it and remember that although being a mom isn't fun all the time, my kids love me.  And I love them.  


Lori said...

I love Kristy Bourgeous too :)
What a sweet daughter you have... way to hang in there during your crazy time of life. One day, it will be easier.

T-Ray said...

awww! What a sweetheart! You are amazing Kristy with everything that you do. I have always admired you.

Brett and Collette Merrill said...

That is so sweet.

Olia said...

so sweeeeeeet...
I know one mom who makes dinner during kid's naps during the day. that never worked for me though, and 5 o'clock here is pretty miserable too.

Lynette Mills said...

Im so glad she had paper to write on... ha ha
really, that is the sweetest thing ever!