Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Still stressed.  The kids are stressed with the move.  There are no toys to play with anymore.  Sierra stopped throwing up but now she can't walk because her leg hurts so much from the penicillin shot they gave her.  I just want to sell Grant to the gypsies but they probably wouldn't take him.  He is such a monster right now.  An hour ago I slammed my finger in my front door and the whole nail is black.  I haven't cried from being hurt for a long time.  Cried for a while on that one.  I miss my husband.  I'll be able to talk to him in 9 days I think.

On the bright side, they are digging the hole for my new house right now.  Today is day 1 in the build.


T-Ray said...

I'm sorry Kristy. Do you need any help with the move? I'm around this weekend.

MnM McQuivey's said...

Hang in there Kristy!!! You are an amazing woman!!! Hey....You should come hang out with us in Ephraim for a day :)

Olia said...

I once heard that moving is at the top of the list of most stressful things, after death of loved ones and divorce. I've been through it, I had help packing and I was still a wreck! We moved in, I went to pick up last things from the apartment, and I stared crying because I started missing the apartment! It took a while to feel at home in a new house too. Hang in there! because when it's over, you will love your new life!