Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Hershey Track Meet

Reanne participated in the Hershey Track Meet this week with all the third graders in her school.  We were allowed to sign her up for 3 events so she picked two different runs and the standing long jump.  She was really excited and said that she practiced running at school.  When she came home I was curious to know how it went and she was of course upset about it.  (She is mostly upset about most things.)  She told me that she never came in first in the runs and that she hated being further back than her friends when she started the races (staggered starting lines).

Later that day her teacher emailed me that Reanne got 5th place out of all the third graders that day on the long jump and she was getting a certificate and a chance to go to the district track meet.  I was so excited I ran down stairs and told her the news.  I would say on a scale from 1 -10, it changed her mood from a 2 to a 3.  She really could care less about that long jump.  Oh well.


T-Ray said...

Wow! That is so cool. Too bad she didn't care about it. Reanne has some skills she could show off.

Lynette Mills said...

Reanne Reanne Reanne

Lori said...

I would guess that Reanne would do well in track.... sorry she can be such a challenge with her little personality.