Saturday, June 30, 2012

My Thoughts of Today

Jess has been back for 10 days and we are so happy.  Usually I feel like I get the raw end of the deal when he is gone.  This time I'd say we were equal.  Yes, I had to pack, move, and rent out our town home by myself.  Jess however had to survive WOCS.  This included getting woken up at 4:30 in the morning for 5 weeks, running miles every day and completing timed assignments like ruck marching 6 miles up hill in 98 degree weather in under 90 minutes.  Seven people were hospitalized during the training and Jess only came home with some bruised toes.  I'm pretty proud of him.  What other 35 year old guy is doing this kind of stuff?

Our house is coming along really fast.  My dad thinks they might be ready a month early.  That is crazy to me but they have a crew of 8-10 guys there all the time.  I went to the design center without Jess so I am hoping he likes how it turns out. :)

Another thought: When did people stop teaching their children about manners?  Have you noticed that people just don't practice common courtesy anymore?  I'm not talking about my children's friends either (although not many have great manners either), I'm talking about adults.  Is it just me, or am I old fashioned when I tell my children they have to be invited before they can play at a friend's house?  It's bad enough when kids come over without being invited, but there are adults that call me and ask if their  kids can play at MY house.   Another thing I try to teach my kids is that they need to ASK for food if they are hungry.  I don't know how they behave at other's houses, but at mine they do ask before they open a refrigerator or pantry door.  We are far from perfect, but I remind them daily to say please and thank you and if they get lollypops at the bank, dang it, we don't leave until they tell the teller thank you.  Even at church if I pick up my kids from class they tell their teachers thank you.  What is really hard for me is that I see all the things we practice at home fly out the window when my kids are with friends that are not courteous.  Whatever their friend does is good enough for them.  Is it a lost cause?

On a less frustrating note, the Springville library has been awesome this summer.  We have gone to several programs and I thought they have done a fantastic job creating a really fun place for the kids.  Because of the great programs my kids now want a sugar glider and a milk snake for pets.   I told them maybe the sugar glider. :)


T-Ray said...

You and Jess are both champs. I don't know how you guys do it. I agree with you 100% on manners. It is not a lost cause. Deep down they know better even if they don't act like it when they are with their friends. I wish more parents were like you guys and taught their children better manners.

Lori said...

Wow. I didn't realize that was the type of training Jess was off to do. You both are amazing and make a good team. You make cute kids too :) I hear you about the manners thing- some of my neighbors kids are aweful. I just don't understand it.

jamie hixon said...

Jess is a STUD. I would die doing that stuff.

My kids are being taught basic manners. There are a lot of "please" and "thank you"s around here. But sometimes they forget. Right now Gwen notices something random, and she immediately thanks me. "My blanket is clean.... thanks mom!" I wish that would never stop.

I know what you mean about rude kids though.