Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pioneer Day

Pioneer day is big in Mapleton.  We went to all the day's activities and had a full day of crazy fun.  First the kids participated in their first parade.  They got to be on the ward's Primary "float", which at the end of the parade Reanne informed me was not that cool compared to the other ones.

We then went to the city park where there was lunch, games and all sorts of things to do for the kids.  Grant got his first pony ride and the girls decided that they would settle on a horse for a pet since I won't let them have a dog.

Reanne also decided she was going to try to climb the big rock wall.  She got half way up which is more than I would have done.  I was proud of her for trying it out.

It was crowded at the park...and Grant got lost.  After about 20 minutes and me just starting to really worry, my dad found him talking to a policeman.  Good thing my parents were there to help.  I would never take my kids there by myself.

We took a small break at home and then went out again for the evening festivities.  First up was the ping ball drop, where every kid in the whole town gathers to try to win a bike.  How do they win one?  A helicopter (yes, a helicopter) comes in and drops ping pong balls with numbers on them.  Fifteen numbers are called at the end and fifteen lucky kids get bikes.  I told my kids up front they wouldn't win, especially after seeing all the kids lined up on the field.  They had a lot of rules and a lot of staff directing to make it fair and orderly, but it was seriously one of the scariest things I have ever done as a mom.  

This is how it goes down.  Your child goes in to a field with about 200 other kids and you can't go in with them.  Then you loose sight of them as the ping balls drop and they all rush to get one.  Then you are blocked from their view as every parent gathers around trying to reconnect with their children.  You loose your child in the crowds and you don't find them for at least 15-20 minutes.  Then you do it all over again when the next age group goes into the field.  I thought to myself, "This is stupid!  This is not worth a free bike!"  With Sierra I actually had to ask a staff member to help me find her afterwards, all the while I am holding Grant in my arms fearing to let him down since I already lost him once that day.
Thankfully, my mom was there helping as well.

Well, after all that....

Sierra won a bike.  Who would have thought.

We then met up with my dad and settled down for the concert and the firework show.  That firework show is as big as the one at Stadium of Fire on the fourth of July.  All I can say, is that there are some seriously wealthy people who live here in this town.  All you Mapleton orthodontists- thanks for sharing, thanks for the fireworks, thanks for the bike, thanks for the crazy fun day.


Lori said...

WOW Kristy! What a wild and exciting day! I can't believe that Sierra won a bike! How did Reanne take it? Sorry that you lost Grant... that's scary. Your kids look good on horses, I think you should buy one for each of them :)I bet Dad would buy them ponies. haha

T-Ray said...

How fun! I would of rather done all of that than work.... oh well. That is AMAZING that out of all the kids.... Sierra won a bike!!! Awesome!

Olia said...

Wow, that is seriously one crazy day and so much fun! I lost Michael for 2 min at the Universty Mall playground and I completely lost it! 20 min - I don't know how I would have handled that! Congrats on the bike! That's too cool!