Thursday, August 2, 2012

Battle Creek Hike

We had a successful family fun day with our last hike so we thought we would try another one this week.  This time we went up to Pleasant Grove and tried out a hike called Battle Creek.  Why is it called Battle Creek?  I wondered myself until I found a nice plaque there explaining the name.  The creek you follow is named Battle Creek because it was the place of the first skirmish between the Mormon pioneers and the American Indian tribes who lived here.  And there is your bit of history for today.

It was a much warmer day and this hike didn't provide a lot of shade.  It's also uphill the whole way.  It's still doable with your kids, but half way we found this nice little pond and decided to take a small break.  Do you see how excited Grant is?  He is just dying to throw in all the rocks he sees into the water.

The kids told me at least once (maybe a hundred times) that they hoped there would be another bridge to walk across.  They loved that about our last hike.  Luckily there was one bridge.  Yea!  I'm sure that saved us from at least one break down.

The girls spotted a little alcove along the way as well.  They said it was a cave and they thought it was awesome that this hike provided something new and different from the last one.  Bonus!

There is a lovely waterfall at the end of the trail and you can actually go to the top of it instead of just the bottom like most places with waterfalls.  When we arrived we were just in time to see some guys repelling the falls.
After the walk down we ate lunch at a small park that is located at the base of the trail.  Everyone was happy and the kids wore themselves out.  And I'd say that is the perfect family outing.


Lori said...

I'd say so too! Great pictures, glad your family is getting out there on some adventures together. Zachary and William would have been right there with Grant throwing rocks :)
Tonight William and I were going through the abc's in a book and we got to G. I said Grant starts with G and he got a huge smile on his face and said "that's my friend! and my cousin!" So cute.

T-Ray said...

What a pretty hike. I love the picture of them walking across the bridge.