Sunday, August 26, 2012

Little Boy's Tie

While Lori was here she wanted my talented sister Tracy to take some pictures of her boys.  They wanted to take pictures of the boys with no shirts and ties.  Since little boy ties only come as a clip on, this provided a challenge.  Lori found a pattern here for wrap around velcro ties which she quickly whipped up.  Did I mention she is talented too?  The ties she made her boys turned out so cute.  She also surprised me with one she made for Grant!

I love that you can pick whatever fabric you want and I love that you can wrap it around the neck and hide the fact that Grant never wants his top button buttoned.  And did I mention that I love that it velcros?  I think I will be making me some of these when I'm all settled.


T-Ray said...

Thanks for the compliment. I LOVE all the ties Lori made for all of the boys. The one she made for Grant turned out SO cute.

Lori said...

I'm glad that I could make Grant a cute polka dot tie while I was visiting! :) He is so darn cute! Love you.

jamie hixon said...

Wow! I love that tie! I make velcro bow ties a lot... I will have to try this pattern.