Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Dinner 2012

We had our 4th Halloween dinner on Monday for family night.  I didn't go all out like last year, but I am finding that pretty much everything in my life is low key right now.  I am still trying to balance everything that I have on my plate and I am finding that I am still not doing it very well. 

Anyway, I think that appendages are the easiest thing to create with food.  I think we have incorporated them into all four Halloween dinners.  This year we had "finger food" for an appetizer.

We had jack-o-lantern hamburgers with monster toppings, witch's brew and eyeballs for desert.  The witch's brew was a strawberry slushy and the eyeballs were Oreo cake balls.


Tracy said...

It was low key but still very cute. Thanks for letting me join you guys again this year.

jamie hixon said...

Um, that looks "all out" to me! Nice job. My kids don't even eat normal food... I shudder to think how they would do with Halloween food. ;)