Wednesday, October 10, 2012

House Pictures

Now that we have lived here a little while and I feel kind of settled, I thought I would post some pictures of the house for those who haven't seen it yet.

Here is the front door.  Opposite this picture is a sitting room which has my old rug and some drapes but no furniture.  This hall leads to the family room which leads to the kitchen.

 Eventually I would like to repaint the chairs so they all match.  That is very far down my list of things to do however.  I love having stainless steel appliances but I am really missing a magnetized fridge.

It was hard to get a good picture of the living room because of all the light coming in...but I am super happy that we have a fireplace.  You can't tell, but it is a two way fireplace so it connects with our outside porch.

My favorite thing about the house is the floor.  It is laminate but you can't tell.  It's all "scratched" to make it look like it's hand carved or from a barn, but I thought it would be great that you can't tell when we put a couple scratches in it.

I love all the trim work that they added to the house.  It is in almost every room of the house.

And I love the details they added like the transom windows.

Here is the master bath.  It is my second favorite thing about the house.  Why?  Because it has a big walk in shower.  The shower has a small window in it where I can see the mountains.  It makes getting up in the morning very nice.

This is our porch and the other side of the fireplace.  One day we will feature it a little more with a deck.

 I had to take a picture of Jess's favorite room...the garage.  How did we live without one for so long?  When we were first married Jess told me he wanted to hang these posters in the living room.  He was a little disheartened when he discovered that would never happen.  Can you believe he has kept them for 11 years waiting to hang them in his man space?

Our goal is to show you another tour of the basement in about 5 years or so.


Lori said...

Your house is sure looking great! I love the new rug in your family room :) and I'm so happy for Jess to finally get his man cave and a place to hang his pictures ;) I know Billy is looking forward to a cave he can call his own one day.

T-Ray said...

I love your house.

Logan said...

I love it! Your home looks beautiful.

jamie hixon said...

I was glad to see it in person. You really do have an awesome house, and I'm soooooo happy for you!

Olia said...

So lovely! refreshing! You have such a good taste. I love the gentle wall color. I wanted to ask you about white kitchens - is it hard to keep clean, do spots show up easily?

Kristy said...

Spots do show up easier. I couldn't see how dirty my wood cabinets were in the townhome and so I never cleaned them. So I guess there are pros and cons to both. :)