Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Reanne

Reanne turned 10 yesterday.  Where has the time gone?

She had a friend party on Saturday where they watched a movie with popcorn and had ice-cream sundays afterwards.  For some reason they got really hyper afterwards.  They played hide and seek for a while and then they started making human pyramids and having trust falls off my couch.  It was really fun to watch them all being so happy together.

On Sunday we had a little family party at my parent's house.  Reanne chose strawberry shortcake for her birthday cake.  That girl loves her strawberries.  In fact, last year my dad gave her strawberries for her birthday present and she was so happy about it.  This year's presents were equally amusing, but equally exciting to Reanne.  She got a stapler, a ream of paper, scissors and four roles of tape.  You should have seen her smile.  We were all laughing out loud.  What kid is so excited about office supplies?  That is one of the reasons I love her though.  


T-Ray said...

A girl as creative as her gets excited about office supplies! ha ha. It was so cute to watch her. Love her.

dannyhaley said...

I'm shocked that our kids are ten already! I remember when they were crawling around, fighting over toys while we went visitng teaching in Santa barbara.
She's a beautiful girl.

Lynette Mills said...

Getting her tape was a must!

Lori said...

Reanne is 10! Wow. Sounds like a lot of fun times. Glad she had a great birthday :)

jamie hixon said...

Ten is a crazy amount of years for Reanne to be! Time flies. I read about the family party on Tracy's blog, that is the best.