Saturday, February 2, 2013

School Happenings

I was looking back on my blog recently and had so much fun reading all the old posts.  It was especially fun to see how the kids have grown in what they can do.  I loved looking at the pictures and stories that they created three and four years ago.  I decided that I am going to continue to document the things they come home with.  Also, it will make me feel less guilty when they finally make it to the trash can.

Reanne created this clay art based on the book her class read, The Hatchet.  She really loves to create things.  It is one of her talents.  She also (for fun) made a class newspaper with some of her friends.  They wrote about things they were learning during the month and she was designated the editor.  She told me I could be assistant editor.  Her teacher loved it and ended up giving copies to all the fourth grade teachers.

Grant learned about the letter O in preschool this week.  Underneath the shark it says O is for ocean.  I taught this week so I got to see him work on it.  I have never seen him work so hard on coloring before.    It might seem a little thing, but for a boy who can't sit still, I was impressed.  I also loved the fact that he wanted to make one fish hide behind the seaweed and one that was eating it.


T-Ray said...

So cute. I love this idea of taking pictures of the things they create because you can write about them and remember and of course like you said... they all eventually make it to the trash... this way they stay around forever. :)

jamie hixon said...

Grant is better at coloring than Asher! And the newspaper thing sounds so like Reanne. ;) Crazy that they are reading Hatchet!

Anonymous said...

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