Monday, July 15, 2013

Dinkey Creek

We went camping in the California mountains a couple weeks ago.  It is a place I have gone many times but my children have never been there.  Sierra was excited to see "her" mountains and some Redwood trees.  Grant was excited to see his cousin William, who is only 6 weeks younger than he is.  Reanne was most excited for the car ride.  Go figure.  They all had a lot of fun and we were glad we went.

Sierra pointing to "her" forest.

A picture of camp
All the kids ran in an obstacle course race.  They had to crash through boxes at the end.  Reanne and Grant both got 3rd place in their age group.

Reanne learned how to repel off the rocks above camp.

At the Redwood grove.
Playing in Dinkey Creek right below camp.