Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

Everyone I have talked with this year told me that they hate Halloween.  I like Halloween.  I have to admit that I didn't enjoy it as much this year because of how busy I was, but I like Halloween.

I like it because my kids like it and I like to see them happy.  I like how you can pretend you are someone different for one day and that you have an excuse to eat totally unhealthy for a little while.  I like to see people's creativity with costumes they have made and houses they have decorated.  I really like to see the smiles that adults have as they give out candy at the door to the kids.  I also love any excuse to form family traditions and spend time together.  It's rare that we are all together doing something fun these days.

This year Reanne was an Enderman from Minecraft, Sierra was the cutest pirate ever, and Grant was a Clone Trooper.
We also had our annual Halloween dinner, where we featured some new dishes.
 Swamp Creature Pot Pies
 Jello Worms
 Fruit Drink with a spooky hand
 Goblin Mouths
and Moldy Brain
Everything was a big hit and our tummies were very full.  Our Halloween dinners are kind of like Thanksgiving.  There are so many fun things to try, you want a little of everything.  And it is especially fun to share the night with family.  Thanks Mom and Tracy for contributing to the meal and sharing in our tradition.


Tracy Mills said...

I also like Halloween. :) The costumes turned out great. Good job with being how busy you were!

Lynette Mills said...

It was totally fun! Thanks for bringing children into our house on Halloween. And thanks for all the work done!

courtneyb said...

My kids will love this minecraft costume!

Lori said...

I always love seeing what you create for your creepy dinner :) The kids costumes are great! I bet they had a blast.
Love you.

Olia said...

I love their costumes! I would love Halloween if it wasn't for the body parts. Haha. I joined the Church and then learned about Halloween, it's a little creepy. I love dress ups and trick-o-treating and pumpkins though...

jamie hixon said...

I seriously love your Halloween traditional dinner. I wish I was that cool. :) And of course, I also love Halloween. It is my favorite holiday apart from Christmas. (And believe me, Christmas wins by a landslide, but still. I love Halloween.)

jamie hixon said...

Oh yeah, and Asher wanted to be an Enderman SO BAD, but I didn't know what they looked like, so he was an easier Harry Potter.

MnM McQuivey's said...

You make the most amazing Halloween dinners every year. HOw do you do it??? I hardly have time to get my kids ready let alone plan and make an awesome meal. You are amazing!!! It's usually hot dogs for us. My son Ammaron was an Enderman this year too. I need to update my blog so you can see.