Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My experience with essential oils

I knew essential oils were out there on the market, but I never really knew what they did.  I was skeptical that they really did anything.  Words like hippie and placebo effect came to my mind when I thought about them.  In fact, I actually tried a few and wasn't that impressed.  Someone gave me Balance from Doterra for Reanne to help her with her moods, and I didn't feel like it did anything.  My one positive experience with oils was with my neighbor.  She is a massage therapist and used some on me when she gave me a massage one day.  What she used helped make my muscles relax so she could do a better job.

About four months ago I got a migraine headache.  I was driving home when my vision started blurring.  This was bad because I had to go to the school open house and Jess wasn't home to go for me.  I went next door to ask my neighbor for a ride to school.  Before we left she put a blend of oils from Doterra on the back of my neck and told me she would work on my back after we came back.  It ended up she didn't need to because my headache was gone by the time we drove home.  I was really shocked.  I immediately bought some of that oil since I get headaches all the time.  (This oil does not work for Reanne by the way.)

The next experience I had with it was with Reanne.  My friend who was cutting my hair mentioned she  sold and used Doterra oils.  She used it for her depression and anxiety.  Close to the same day another friend told me the same thing.  I thought that I might as well give it a try with Reanne.  She has been taking 5HTP which has been amazing for her depression, but she still has issues with anxiety.  I bought a diffuser and some orange oil and started using it during math, which is a really hard thing for us to get through without fighting and tears.  After using orange oil, our calm time during math went from about a minute and a half to almost an hour.  I was again shocked.   I used it again the other day when she had a horrible day.  She was in hysterics, screaming she didn't know why she was alive.  The thought came to me to diffuse some oil.  I put it in her room and just left without saying anything.  In about 10 minutes she came out and was able to speak to me in a normal voice and function again.  

After two successes I thought I would try oils on Grant's eczema.  We have been using a very expensive cream on it since he was a baby and it had stopped working because he had built a tolerance to it.  His legs had become so bad that they were always bloody.  I had tried Melaleuca on it before with no success.  This time I tried a blend called Clear Skin.  It was very slow, but I felt like it was making a little difference.  Then someone told me to dilute the oil so it stayed on the skin longer.  I tried that and it made a BIG difference.  Grant's skin is almost normal again.  

We have also been able to stop giving Reanne Melatonin at night.  She HAD to have it in order to fall asleep before 11:00 at night.  Now she falls asleep within an hour of us diffusing lavender.

So my overall thoughts about oils are first, just because it is natural, doesn't mean it won't work.  I have a new gratitude for God's creations and his wisdom in making plants that would be beneficial for the ailments that we might have on this Earth.  Second, everyone is different and everyone has a unique body makeup.  An oil that works for one person might not work for another.  Just like Aspirin and Tylenol don't work for me and Advil does.  Third, the oils have been a substitution from one medication to another.  It still costs money to buy the oils.  The reason I made the substitution, is that there are no side effects with oils and I find them more effective than manmade medications.  At least with the oils that I have tried.  Last, I don't think that essential oils are a cure all to everything.  I definitely believe in doctors and the medicine that has been created to help us.  But I love the idea of being able to take care of more things myself from my home.

So I am not trying to sell these oils to anyone, but I really wish I had known about all this before.  It would have saved me a lot of stress and headache (literally) over the years.  I wanted to share my experiences because they have overall been so positive and have been a huge blessing to our family. 


William said...

Thanks for sharing all this Kristy :) I do need to look into this all more... it's right up my ally! Love you and see you soon!!!!

Tracy said...

I wish I would have learned more about them in school. I think it is great. I'm all about finding more natural ways to cure the body. Thanks for sharing.

Olia said...

WOw wow wow, Kristy. Thanks for sharing. One friend said she used Dottera oil for her 4-year-old for croup. Croup was very bad this year for both my kids. Now, I feel like I should have tried it too. Where do you buy the oils?

Kristy said...

I am going to have a class at my house if you want to come.

jamie hixon said...

Oils have worked for me too for different things. I think some of them are advertised to work for way more things than they actually do... but like you said every body is different.

My favorite is On Guard for sickness.

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