Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I can't believe March has come and gone already.  I feel like I have never been so busy in my whole life.  Here are some of the things that have happened this month-

We got a bunny hutch so that our rabbit can be an outside pet.  Along with the hutch, we added another bunny to keep Cuddles company.  Her name is Snuggles (of course.)
Snuggles also came with some other surprises.  Sierra discovered these little guys in the cage one afternoon.
There were originally 10.  These 4 lasted the longest.  Unfortunately, they all died by the next day.  Jess  thinks that she will do better with her next litter.  I'm not so sure…but time will tell.

I also really wanted to do a house project.  I didn't have time to do it, but every once in a while it becomes really satisfying to make something.  So I chose something simple. I added a few ruffles to a shower curtain and a padded top to the stool in the bathroom.

Grant also participated in the Kindi 500, a Kindergarten tradition at Mapleton Elementary where the kids go from room to room learning about American symbols.  We made Grant a jeep and he was pretty excited.  You've got to love Kindergarten.


Lynette Mills said...

Pretty cool jeep! He is such a happy guy.

Tracy said...

So much going on for you. It's great. I love Grant's little jeep and his cute smile. I'm glad that your bunny has a home outside of the home now. Sad that all the babies died though.

William said...

I remember when we had a similar bunny experience when we were young! Exciting and sad. A good teaching tool I suppose.
Grant's K class tradition sounds right up any boys ally :) Super cute and fun idea.
Can't wait to see you!!!!!

jamie hixon said...

Oh my gosh, that Jeep is the CUTEST! And good job on the ruffles and pad. I need you to help me be motivated for my own house projects. :)